Fads, 2012

Every year has its short term fads which rarely last for more than the calendar year. 2012 was no exception. Two short-term fads stand out.

Okay, maybe. Another catchy tune with lyrics that don’t quite make sense. But can it stand up to this?

No, I thought not … even if the South Korean PSY despises the very people who protect his chance to prosper.

Will this nonsense enjoy a longer shelf life than, say, this?

And who can forget this?

Of course, some of this stuff has a longer shelf life than we originally thought. Take this:

Well, after all this, I’ve saved the best for last:

See, it can always get worse.

File this under “Other Stuff.”



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5 thoughts on “Fads, 2012

    • When my daughters find that a guy “is in their way,” they move him out of the way, rather than giving him their number.

      You took your time with the call
      I took no time with the fall
      You gave me nothing at all, but still you’re in my way
      I beg and borrow and steal
      At first sight and it’s real
      I didn’t know I would feel it, but it’s in my way

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