NHL Lockout Fridays: 1-11-13

As you may have hear, the NHL and the NHLPA has decided to put an end to the lockout, with the season starting on January 19. This will mean that the last edition of NHL Lockout Fridays will appear a week from today. Apparently my series brought too much pressure to bear on the owners, who looked to Gary Bettman to rescue them from their own mismanagement.


Here is Mr. Bettman attempting to explain something as only he can.

This (logically) bring us to overtime in the playoffs. Bryan Trottier had one overtime marker in postseason play, which he notched against the New York Rangers, as seen here:

His other memorable overtime goal came in the 1986 All Star Game, because the NHL (unlike MLB) knows that All Star ganes should not end in ties:

Nevertheless, the most memorable overtime goal in Islanders history remains this one.

However, this one is a close second (the Parise goal to beat the Rangers in 1975 remains the third most important):

Since it took four overtimes to resolve this game, it’s worth watching the winner from a different perspective:

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3 thoughts on “NHL Lockout Fridays: 1-11-13

  1. You know, that first picture of Bettman looks a lot like the Count from Sesame Street…

    “One Lockout! One!….Two Lockouts! Two!….”

  2. Can we have one of Don Fehr starting his second box of doughnuts while we’re at it? The best part of the new cba is that 8-10 years from now Bettman and Fatso will be long gone from the scene. By the way, these clips are nice but I keep waiting to see Tavares, Moulson, et al. in one :)

  3. We all will keep waiting for that until the Islanders get better management. Until that happens, YAY PATTY!!!!(who is inexcusably not in the Islanders’ Hall of Fame:(

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