Too Good to Pass Up

Some time ago I came to the conclusion that it made little sense to engage people such as Connie Chastain (a/k/a Connie Ward) on this blog. I know that this news came as something of a disappointment to some of you, including a few people who seemed quite absorbed by her antics. On the other hand, I know it came as a welcome relief to others. I found her too easy of a target, and thus boring. Not to feed her increasingly desperate and shrill cries for attention seemed a wise idea.

Chastain’s obsessions continue, of course. I find her blog humorous (she’s quite interested in noting my visits, perhaps because she lives for that sort of thing). It is something to be the object of such intense hatred, anger, and scorn from someone who apparently otherwise has problems living a life worth living. But I owe the following to a reader who highlighted the expected effort of Chastain to defend (and even commend) the antics of David Tatum.  She rants:

Heritage advocates, when they cheer death at all, cheer the deaths of soldiers in a barbaric army that invaded the Southern states, made war on war on women, children, the elderly, servants and other noncombatants, burned homes, barns, farms, crops in the field, and entire towns, shot pets just for the fun of it, killed livestock and threw the carcasses in streams and wells to contaminate the water, stabled horses in church sanctuaries to show contempt for the religion of Southerners (and for God), and dug up corpses looking for valuables to steal.  In short, they cheer the death of those who exhibited Al Qaeda-like behavior a century and a half ago….

Make of this what you will.

BTW, Connie: do you think you’re funny when you  question why people show “grave interest” in Mr. Tatum’s mockery of the final resting places of American fighting personnel? Typical.

Meanwhile, join me in congratulating Al Mackey on being named the newest member of the ongoing blogging threat to Confederate heritage.  That so many members of this cabal have significant southern ties (Al attended Virginia Tech, is a loyal Hokie fan, and holds Bud Robertson in the highest esteem ever since he took one of Bud’s classes) reminds us all of just how nefarious these folks are.

That said, we will return to Chastain-free programming, so don’t worry. At least you now know what you’re missing.

41 thoughts on “Too Good to Pass Up

  1. When Dr. Robertson spoke at the Antietam 150 Anniversary, he certainly was not having any of the “Lost Cause” or slavery wasn’t the cause of the war nonsense, Also without naming names, he indicated what he was seeing out of the Tea Party type of Republicans very much reminded him of how things were in the Congress right before the election of 1860.

    I am surprised Chastain did not include rape and ethnic cleansing also.

  2. I really like Connie’s cut and paste list of Southern towns that were burned. I wonder how much research based on contemporary sources she has conducted to back up the list?? Plus, she (as most heritage folks do) omits that Atlanta was substantially burned by J. B. Hood before Sherman moved in, so she needs an asterisk by that city!!! Gosh, but Connie should know that since Gone With The Wind accurately depicts the fires set by the gallant Confederates. I bet she even has the special edition Blu Ray of that lovely production!!!

    • Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, burned, June 12, 1864 was on the list,of course it’s neither town nor city.My gggrandfather was with Black Dave Hunter when they burned VMI.Interesting,Rockbridge Co. Va was where he was born.
      “In their minds some were good (Alvin York), “,both Alvin York of Tennessee grandfathers seved in the Union army during the civil War,one southern,one northern.

  3. Well, her dishonorable humor at the expense of Americans who died defending her freedoms in various wars speaks for itself. It’s also perfectly consistent, coming from somebody who venerates a “heritage” that includes firing on a United States military installation and similar acts.

    • Oh the heritage folks are all torn up about U. S. soldiers. In their minds some were good (Alvin York), some were bad (John Kerry), some were evil (W. T. Sherman), some were heroes (Dwight Eisenhower), some were terrorists (Sherman’s troops), some were just slaves in another form (USCTs), some were just following orders (everyone in Vietnam who didn’t support Kerry), some were really BIG heroes (the crew of the Enola Gay), some were hired guns (Irish and Germans in the 1860s), and some were drunks (U. S. Grant). It’s a pretty wide ranging and odd type of analysis.

  4. I’m also quite amused at how forgiving ol’ Connie and Carl the “Dixie Cross Defender” are about this situation. Carl was filled with forgiveness on the SHPG page, too. I suspect had I posted something about Confederates graves and Northern markmanship as a joke (yep that’s funny isn’t it!!!), and then realized I somehow manage to screw up my little attempt at humor, I bet they wouldn’t be blogging and posting in my defense.

    As an aside, Connie seems to forget who was invading who at Gettysburg. But she likes to have it both ways so I’m not surprised. At least Carl over at the “gift” admitted that Federal soldiers at Gettysburg were defending against an invasion, but then went on to say the “bastards” deserved what they got when they went south. Well, I guess +1 and -1 still equals 0.

  5. Well, I am certainly proud to have hit the big time now. Logic has never been Connie’s strong suit. pssst…Connie…what does my living in Camden, NJ (over 53% African-American) and Newport News, VA (over 41% African-American) say? And anyway, what does the demographic distribution of the county in which I live say about me? Do you have evidence I chose to live there specifically because of its demographics? And I note that you don’t choose to defend the fact that the person in question wanted to move away from “diversity.” That’s the word that was specifically used, not crime, not inner city blight, not Yankees, not high taxes. Diversity. That’s what they specifically said they wanted to get away from. And the nice folks at the Gift That Keeps On Giving saw nothing wrong with that at all, and gave suggestions where the person can live to get away from “diversity.” Oh, and do you know what I do for a living? Do you know the job I chose involves providing for and executing courses of action designed to ensure I spend at least 9 hours a day in a highly diverse work population? Connie always liked to twist and turn and try to distract people with irrelevant “points.” Some things never change.

  6. I’m just thrilled to have been mentioned by name in such a haven of intellecutal thought in such a negative manner. The glow can be seen throughout my town. I may have to take off from work the rest of the day to savor the warm fuzzy feeling.

  7. Bummer had never visited Connie’s site until today. She sure is wordy. Lots of folks are! She must impress her followers with her unending dialogue. This “old guy” fell asleep half way through her rant. I guess her vitriol keeps the readers coming back. Seems foolish, when there are so many constructive points and issues to address.


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