Grant at Chattanooga (The Concise Version)

Here’s the blog entry I prepared for this month’s Reader’s Almanac, published by the Library of America.

Happy Orchard Knob Day.

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4 thoughts on “Grant at Chattanooga (The Concise Version)

  1. USG at Chattanooga reminds me: IIRC, you pointed out that the oft reprinted picture of USG looking up at some soldiers on Lookout Mt is not him but I cannot find the reference. Is my memory slipping?

    • Yeah, if you magnify the picture, the guy in question appears to have sargeant stripes on his shoulders, and the “cigar” is actually a twig in the background.

  2. Grant brought the wrong guy with him to Chattanooga for the task at hand. Raymond? Or was he simply worried about leaving Sherman in charge as military governor of a civilian population :)

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