Why Take Confederate Heritage Seriously?

It’s been an interesting two weeks for Confederate heritage. Even since the July 8th announcement by Washington & Lee president┬áKenneth P. Ruscio addressing several issues concerning commemorating the past at the university, a good number of Confederate heritage advocates, especially on social media, have been simply besides themselves. We’ve had calls for Ruscio to resign (and demands for his removal, although how these folks intend to go about that foolishness is never made clear), denunciations of the group (“The Committee”) that initiated what Rusico rightly calls a conversation within the WLU community, talk of marches, demonstrations, and that time-honored means of protest, flagging, and so on.

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Point Lookout Pilgrimage

As some of you may recall, there are Confederates in my family. One of them, Jordon H. Snow, served time for nearly a year at Point Lookout Prison in Maryland.

Tomorrow, June 28, 2014, the Descendants of Point Lookout POW Organization will be holding their pilgrimage. As I’m on the East Coast, and not too far away, I may just pay a visit. I hear it’s going to be an interesting program.

News and Notes: March 29, 2014

Here’s some stuff that may be of interest to someone:

  • George Purvis has his own blog. It reads as if he’s a long-lost cousin of Jerry Dunford. In either case, those of you who want to see what George has to say can go there.
  • Kevin Levin pushes for a change to the Mississippi state flag. Given how long it took that state to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, good luck.
  • Here’s yet another one of those “student displays Confederate flag, gets in trouble” stories from Kevin’s home state. And then there’s this, too. I will reserve comment until prom season passes.
  • Glenn McConnell was named president of the College of Charleston, and guess what happened? Yup … and this, too. As well as this. Told you sotwice.
  • None other than Gary Adams takes on someone who still embraces the black Confederate myth. In other words, here’s another case of the circular firing squad that is Confederate heritage advocacy.
  • For those of you who actually follow Civil War history, you will find this debate over the Lost Order of September 1862 fame very interesting. In order: here, here, and here. Maybe readers can go there to read the exchange and then come here to comment and discuss.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As expected, certain people went off on the usual temper tantrums in response to my post about a struggling Kickstarter campaign. So we could expect those sons and daughters of Confederate heritage to pony up some cash and put their money where their mouths and keyboards are. Right?

And so here we are, a day after the post appeared:


Nothing’s changed … except there’s one less day to go.

UPDATE, March 16: Make that two less days to go. Follow the countdown here.