The Sunday Question: Should There Be a Black History Month?

February is Black History Month (women’s history month is soon to follow, and we know of discussions about Confederate history month). At a time when certain people criticize diversity and multiculturalism, one might ask whether we should have a month devoted to focusing on the history of African Americans. Critics can offer their reasons, and proponents can bring forth their justifications. Is such a month necessary? Is it a good idea? What does it say about how we study and understand history?

The floor is open.

The Sunday Question: Why Read, Why Comment?

There’s a good deal out there about why bloggers blog, and bloggers, as is their wont, comment on why they blog (or don’t blog).  However, it is safe to say that one reason bloggers continue to blog is because people read the blog and respond to the blog, often in the comments section (there’s a secondary comment area that’s not readily apparent because it does not take place in the comments section, but suffice it to say that I’ve seen extensive discussions about blogs and blog posts on various discussion groups; sometimes those discussions even give rise to blog posts because the blogger is able to identify an audience he/she knows will respond).

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