Quotes of the Week: September 28-October 4, 2014

The truth is out

Now, what this means is, when the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and their lost leaders are inspired by Satan, to remove the Confederate Battle Flags from the appropriate Confederate Memorial Chapel, it is being done by those who are part of the dark side. Yep, you think I have went off the track, missed the curve and am going down the embankment. No, I am letting you know the basic facts that we are all  in direct association with in our lives every hour of every day, whether you know it or not. YOU ARE A OBJECT SUBJECT TO INSPIRATION, YOU ARE INSPIRED BY GOD OR YOU ARE INSPIRED BY SATAN.  DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS.

And yet there’s more

Yes, these scoundrels, will continue with the myth making and Confederate trashing as this is cover for their liberal agendas. They cannot stand behind their no good barbaric ancestors as they are ashamed of these bastards, and they should be. Do you know any of Adolph Hitlers family or Heinrich Himmlers family, what about the family and friends of Goerring and Gobbels, do you think they admit what their fathers and grandfathers did, do you suppose in 100 years the relatives will be any different in how they support what Hitler did than Meyer, Hall, Simpson do concerning the equivalent Yankee murderers from 1861. Do you suppose they get many Christmas cards from the Jewish people. Yes, those Yankee heathen from 1861-65 are like Hitler and his murderers, still damned today, and will forever be damned by me, and many others, so I say to all you Yankee supporters, Yes, picking my nose will give me much more satisfaction that arguing with you piss ants, and for that I am happy.

… and there will always be more, from this vocal supporter of … you guessed it.

A Note on Duck Dynasty

Remember those folks who stood tall and proud for “Duck Dynasty” … even in the face of this report … at least until they found out that the central character didn’t care for the Confederate flag?

A certain quacker quacked: “We need to keep the ability to differentiate between a Phil Robertson and a Brooks Simpson.”

This has just become more difficult in light of this revelation. More like Duck Head than Duck Dynasty (and I owned my share of Duck Head khakis in the 1980s when I lived in South Carolina … I see they’ve become more expensive).

Oh, my.

A Mixed Message? Or a Muddled One?

10687166_984356634924184_7682380790675437760_nYou tell me.

Seems to me that in this case the confusion’s by design as a way to “spark discussion.” That means people are free to make of it what they will … just as they will make what they will of other displays of the Confederate Battle Flag along highways.

Sometimes if you want to send a message you first have to figure out how to communicate your intent. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if other people can’t figure out what you want to say … or offer different meanings.

Three Years, Three Flags

This past weekend the Virginia Flaggers celebrated their third anniversary of existence. Let’s enumerate the organization’s accomplishments during that time …

Three flags.

That’s right, three flags flying along interstate highways (damn symbols of federal power), with one of them visible to most people (the Burnside flag north of Fredericksburg). The Butler flag (Chester) remains a bit too short and a bit too close to an overpass for easy viewing, and I’ve seen no reports of how visible the Cold Harbor flag (hereafter the Judson Kilpatrick flag, in honor of his 1864 raid on Richmond) is from the road.

Oh, there have been some admirable acts of public service at cemeteries, and some entertainment provided for local and national media (I am not alone in finding the Flaggers to be entertaining). However, the raising of the Butler flag appears to have been the group’s high point (and not a very high one at that, judging from the height of the flag pole), for the erection of two additional flag poles has not drawn a lot of attention, although they are more visible than is Susan Hathaway at the VMFA.

Elsewhere, however, the Flaggers have failed to achieve their goals. No Confederate Battle Flags fly outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, despite three years of protesting. The Museum of the Confederacy does not fly a Confederate Battle Flag at either its Richmond or Appomattox sites. Lexington, Virginia, continues to bar the flying of the Confederate flag on city light poles, and Confederate Battle Flags no longer adorn the Lee Chapel above the Edward Valentine tribute to Robert E. Lee.

Even some of the most visible Flaggers have assumed lower profiles, at least in certain places. Susan Hathaway no longer is a fixture on the sidewalk by the VMFA, while Tripp Lewis has failed to deliver upon his promise to sue various folks. At many Flagger functions the artful photography of Judy Smith fails to conceal the fact that there are more flags than Flaggers.

The Flaggers often ask whether people are angry enough yet. Perhaps it’s time to ask whether they are still awake. Still, happy anniversary, Virginia Flaggers. You’ve brought a lot of laughter into our lives. May this coming year be no different.

Quote of the Week: September 21-27, 2014

And now, in the category of who gets the last laugh:

Broadcasters like Olbermann can’t rain on Jeter’s farewell; God already did

Surprisingly, Olbermann did not play “God agrees with me” card, but he almost did. Jeter’s defenders have accused the broadcaster of raining on the parade that is the #Season2Remember farewell tour, especially its final ceremony planned for September 25 (ironically, the day after the Yankees were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention).

New York was very much engulfed in rainstorms the day of September 25, with forecasts calling for more of the same through the final Jeter farewell game at Yankee Stadium. On this point, Olbermann couldn’t resist.

“Derek Jeter is not going to be able to make that stop,” he said by way of closing the segment.