Other Views Worth Reading

Every once in a while I look outside the familiar circile of blogosphere commentary to see what other folks have to say about various things.  Here are a few things worth reading:

In Forbes, Craig Silver offers his views on the sesquicentennial, including speculation about the predictable patterns of debate.

Here’s how a SCV member thinks we should remember the Civil War.  Sound familiar?

In New York, Alan Singer wants to complicate how New Yorkers recall the Civil War.

This review of the Library of America’s initial Civil War volume may complicate how some people view me.

And, finally, here is an article describing a certain process of perception.  I offer it not because of its political commentary (I think there was plenty of rush-to-judgment behavior among many pundits in the wake of what happened in Tucson) but because the process outlined can be applied to how some folks talk about the Civil War.  Respond to that point, please.


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