Coming Attractions

It’s been a busy week at Crossroads, the busiest so far in the short life of this blog.  There’s more to come.  Here’s a glimpse at some forthcoming posts:

… what is the relationship between tariff policy, slavery, and secession?

… why do some Confederate Romantics (and neo-Confederates) lie about Ulysses S. Grant and slavery?

… what did Lee and Grant have to say about secession?

… what about Abraham Lincoln and the Corwin amendment?

I’m sure there will be more topics popping up in the weeks to come, but these are some posts I’m working on.  I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Some Sunday Reading

As folks get ready to experience a relaxing Sunday, they might want to read …

… a statement from Georgia asking us to remember what the war was about …

… and another offering, this time from California, quoting Nathan Bedford Forrest as saying, “If we aint fightin’ fer slavery then I’d like to know what we are fightin’ fer.”

Then there’s this piece which Kevin Levin’s afraid you might overlook …

… and a fact check on reports of black Confederates from our friends at the Georgia SCV.