Coming Attractions

It’s been a busy week at Crossroads, the busiest so far in the short life of this blog.  There’s more to come.  Here’s a glimpse at some forthcoming posts:

… what is the relationship between tariff policy, slavery, and secession?

… why do some Confederate Romantics (and neo-Confederates) lie about Ulysses S. Grant and slavery?

… what did Lee and Grant have to say about secession?

… what about Abraham Lincoln and the Corwin amendment?

I’m sure there will be more topics popping up in the weeks to come, but these are some posts I’m working on.  I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. Mark January 23, 2011 / 2:25 pm

    When you study the Crittenden Compromise, don’t overlook Jeff Davis’s own rabid description of it. He claimed that the compromise was “contemptuously rejected,” though he fails to explain how or by whom.

    He also was dead set against the compromise — because it limited the spread of slavery. See the South’s “FIVE ULTIMATUMS” issued by the leaders in Montgomery, soon after the Southern State seceded. All five of these Ultimatums were about one thing — the SPREAD of slavery.

    I don’t know what role, if any, Davis had in the Ultimatums. The Ultimatums were announced loudly and proudly in Richmond papers under the headline “THE TRUE ISSUE”. Davis no doubt knew of the Ultimatums, as did Lincoln. THe Ultimatums were reported also in two New York newspapers.

    The Ultimatums completely dispense with any pretense of “states right’s” and in fact, demand that no state have any rights regardling blacks or slaves or any issue related to civil rights. In fact, even Congress must have no say in such things, according the Ultimatums.

    Slavery MUST be spread by the US Congress! The US Congress must force slavery into the territories, and the people there must “respect and accept” slavery.

    Notice that the South loudly and proudly demanded one thing in 1861 — the spread of slavery. The violent forceful spread of slavery against the will of the people and states. That is what their own Ultimatums demand.

    But years later — after their defeat, and after slavery is seen as disgusting and an affront to all human decency — the South had to create an entirely different excuse.

    Read any of Jefferson Davis books — or the books even today by Southern apologist. Not a single one of them even mention the SOuthern Ultimatums. Virtually none of them mention the official documents of the South which quite forthrightly announced slavery was “the cornerstone” of the Confederacy.

    It was the great cover up, the great revisionism, in American History. What Lee and Davis bragged about at the time, they would both, along with most Southern apologist, not even dare mention a few years later.

  2. Mark January 26, 2011 / 9:47 pm

    Just discovered that professor Simpson had a blog. So great that a scholar does this. I look forward to the future posts, some of which are now appearing. BTW, Does anyone know of any resource that lists how many Grant statues there are? I also wonder how many high schools, cities, etc. are named after him. His place in American history fascinates me.

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