Greatest Hits From Civil Warriors: So What? An Observation on the Debate over Black Confederates

(This essay originally appeared on Civil Warriors on November 8, 2010; it appears here slightly revised)

It’s been interesting to follow the renewed interest in the debate over black Confederates at conferences, on television, in the newspapers, and especially the blogosphere, where Kevin’s Levin’s Civil War Memory offers a cyber-battleground where sides clash.  Suffice it to say that interested parties would be well advised to start there, not primarily because of Kevin’s own position on the issue, but because of the information and links one might glean from the site.  Kevin has long debated other people on this issue, and it has become identified with him to the point that he’s been asked to write a book-length manuscript about it.   If nothing else, his blog suggests the power of blogging to place oneself in the middle of a debate and establishing a reputation, and that’s something well worth considering for others seeking to get a word in.  It’s really an amazing story.

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