Coming Attractions

As we approach the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, I will return to continue and then to conclude the series on Lincoln’s comments on racial equality during the Lincoln-Douglas debates in an effort to set them in context; also in preparation is a series of posts on how the 1850s was a crisis in the slaveholders’ world, and three ways in which the Confederacy in practice shredded the Confederacy in principle, something which I think contributed significantly to Confederate defeat.

And no, I haven’t forgotten some of the other plans I had that were set aside when someone changed a 4 into a 5.

Finally, I have a special post that will appear on Valentine’s Day.  🙂

Kevin M. Weeks, Ann DeWitt, and Blacks “Serving” the Confederacy

Kevin M. Weeks is the coauthor of a children’s book, Entangled in Freedom: A Civil War Story.  As the website says:

… this is an opportune time to discuss the views of your family or guardians as it relates to the American Civil War.  Find out how the events between 1861 and 1865 shaped the lives of your family and/or community.  Have an open and honest discussion on your views about slavery and why the United States of America and the Confederate States of America went to war.  Do you and others agree or disagree that African-Americans served in the Confederate States Army during the War Between the States?  Read Entangled In Freedom as a conversation starter.

The book certainly became a conversation starter on one blog.

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