Two More Blogs Worth Reading

As much as blogging is a conversation between blogger and reader, it is also a conversation between blogger and blogger.  One of the things I like to do is to draw attention to some blogs that I think readers of this blog will appreciate.  I find the posts in each of these blogs thoughtful, engaging, and often provocative.  One’s an oldie but goodie, while another is relatively new to the scene in its present format, although it has deeper roots in past blogging, a situation with which I’m familiar.

Robert Moore’s Cenantua’s Blog has more going for it than its unusual name.  Robert’s a white southerner who reflects on his region and those who claim to speak for it.  The blog’s a fascinating mix of primary sources, commentary, personal reflections, and the like, a rather diverse presentation that keeps one’s attention.  Robert is one of those people who doesn’t make the mistake of confusing the South with the Confederacy, or of reducing all of southern history to the story of four years of war.  He’s attentive to issues of southern diversity and division.

Another blog, Jubilo! The Emancipation Century, is the work of lunchcountersitin.  It looks at African American history from slavery to freedom, with reflections on present day perceptions as well.  I happen to think that one of the challenges confronting the present group of bloggers is that there is all too little about African American history in the nineteenth century, although this is in part, I think, an observation made in ignorance of what’s out there (something I’m working on ending).  Not any single blog can do everything, and each of us looks at different things, but I believe the dialogue needs to be richer and that it needs to grow beyond its current contours and pathways, some of which have become somewhat predictable and well-worn.  Over the next several months I’m looking towards integrating various worlds of discussion in the hope that a broader conversation might benefit us all.

3 thoughts on “Two More Blogs Worth Reading

  1. Robert Moore February 19, 2011 / 4:37 pm

    Thanks, Brooks! I really appreciate your taking the time to mention my blog in this way, as well as the kind words. You also remind me… wow, Cenantua’s Blog is almost three years old!

    • Robert Moore February 19, 2011 / 4:39 pm

      Actually, it was three years old two days ago! Missed my own anniversary… thankfully, it’s not the one that is REALLY important! Lol!

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