Commemorating Jefferson Davis’s Inauguration, 150 Years Later

Here’s an extended video covering the events in Montgomery, Alabama, yesterday, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as provisional president of the Confederacy.  I am a little disappointed, however … a video on Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory included a Harry Potter reference.  Go to the ten second mark (most of the rest of this speech is captured on the first video, as are other addresses and a different perspective on those in attendance).

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An Observation: Content/Controversy

Last year I admit to pondering why I was blogging.  It seemed to me that at that time the experience had lost some of its initial attraction.  Aside from reacting to certain events, I was not sure whether blogging had any other concrete purpose for me.  Those considerations contributed to my decision to leave Civil Warriors (and yes, folks, I’m no longer there, regardless of what I still read … some people need to update their information), although I must confess that I did not anticipate what would happen next with Crossroads.

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