Dr. Thomas P. Lowry Responds

It’s been exactly a month since the National Archives announced that Thomas P. Lowry had confessed to altering the date on a Lincoln document so as to make it appear that the president signed the document on April 14, 1865, hours before John Wilkes Booth shot him at Ford’s Theater.  You’ll remember that Lowry recanted his confession.  The story would have gone away had it not been for a certain historian’s commentary on the piece in the New York Times.  There were people who were astonished by the report of Lowry’s behavior, and there were some people who stood up for him.

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Things That Make You Scratch Your Head

Will someone explain to me why Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded a version of “Marching Through Georgia”?  Was it because he was born in East Tennessee, a haven of Unionists?

Bet you didn’t know that earlier this month folks celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Horace Greeley.

Here is Abraham Lincoln meeting Frederick Douglass.  In truth, the remainder of the film is more interesting than one might first think.

And, for those of you who’ve never heard Thomas DiLorenzo, here’s an interview he did on C-SPAN.  Even more curious are some of the statements of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who thinks that the Emancipation Proclamation established slavery in the border states (and that’s for starters).

Enjoy (and comment if you feel so moved).