Debating DiLorenzo: Squabbles with Scholars

In this portion of his interview with Brian Lamb, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo describes another encounter with an unnamed Lincoln scholar:

DILORENZO: I was at another event in Richmond, it was panel discussion with the – well known Lincoln scholar who has identified himself as the president of a committee, the head of committee that gives the Lincoln book award out every year. And …

LAMB: Is this the – Mr. Borat [Boritt], the … Continue reading

Debating DiLorenzo: Distortion and Dismissal

In what must rank as one of the more interesting parts of Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo’s interview with Brian Lamb in 2008, we learn of a supposed conspiracy of Lincoln scholars to embarrass him through the History Channel:

LAMB: Have you ever been invited to speak to the American Lincoln Association Springfield or the Lincoln Forum that’s put on by Frank Williams and Harold Holzer?

DILORENZO: No. No, I’ve never been invited to speak there.

LAMB: What would you do if you were invited?

DILORENZO: Well, it depends Continue reading