Gordon Rhea on Nonslaveholding Confederates

Many of us are familiar with the logic that argues that since a majority of white southerners did not own slaves, secession (and the Confederacy) must have been about something other than slavery.  After all, why would a non-slaveholder fight to preserve slavery?

Gordon Rhea offers one answer worth considering.  Continue reading

You Tube’s Ulysses S. Grant

One way to tap into how popular culture views famous people is to take a glance at You Tube.  As an example, we can look at some of the more creative takes on Ulysses S. Grant that people have decided to share on You Tube, sometimes as the result of school assignments.

Who can forget this rather classic take on Grant, the first of a series that has gotten attention on other blogs?  A second video builds on the theme of the first video.  It is rumored that the second video is addressed to Grant’s biographers, but we know that’s not true, because Grant didn’t like swords.

And for those of you who know Grant did not ride a scooter, how about this?  Talk about a DUI on GTA.

I’ve always been intrigued by how they make videos.  This cured me.

This helps explain Grant’s money problems.  For those with more traditional tastes, there’s this.  And then we see how some people explain the Lincoln-Grant relationship.

Then again, some of these assignments are not quite so successful, for reasons as various as they are obvious.

No wonder Grant said that there were only two tunes he recognized: one was Yankee Doodle, and the other wasn’t.