Civil Warriors Greatest Hits: Form and Function (part two)

(the following post originally appeared in somewhat different form on Civil Warriors on January 26, 2007)

Given what I’ve said about the product being the thing, what’s the value of a Ph.D?  I think it’s best for me to respond by suggesting what in my mind the Ph.D. is intended to do and how Ph.D.s are trained institutionally and individually (and there is a difference, I can assure you). I think I can speak with some insight on this, having been rather close to the graduate students as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, having received my postgraduate professional training at the University of Wisconsin, and having trained a number of Ph.D. students at Arizona State University, as well as being a part of the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate and the Preparing Future Faculty Program. I’ve spoken on these issues at major conferences to the point that it’s now part of my professional reputation.

So let’s see what professional training does … at least good training …

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