Let’s Play Nice

I’ve just returned from a week in London, having scheduled posts to go up and be commented upon in my absence.  I can see that in several cases posts have been the topic of robust and vigorous conversation.  That’s welcomed.  No need to worry that expressing dissent is cause for trouble.  However, I detect that some of the exchanges soon become sharp  and personal; I’ve also seen a few cases where posts have explored the border between acceptable and unacceptable commentary when it comes to certain topic areas, such as religion and religious faiths.  I’m inclined to review those posts and edit what I deem to be comments that cross that line.  If you find that unacceptable, I’m not terribly concerned, because there’s always the usenet group alt.war.civil.usa as a forum for unrestrained personal abuse and insult, and, from what I see, that’s a rather good description of the contents of that group, at least as it concerns real humans posting.

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