Lincoln’s Colonization versus Grant’s Annexation

As I reviewed the comments offered over the past week I noticed one that compared Lincoln’s advocacy of colonization with Grant’s desire to annex the Dominican Republic.  At first glance, this might make some sense.  Both plans addressed common concerns: both addressed the issue of racial prejudice, and both sought to give blacks a chance elsewhere.  However, that’s about as far as it goes.  I’ve written about Grant’s interest in annexation before, and his reasons for it, but for now I’ll make a few short points:

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Update (Yes, Another One …) on Thomas Lowry vs. the NARA

Over at TOCWOC, Brett Schulte has posted on information relayed to him by Dr. Thomas Lowry regarding the Lincoln Pardon Controversy (for those of you who want to track the pogress of the controversy, you can do so through clicking “Lincoln Pardon Controversy” in “Categories”).  Lowry’s provided the texts of two emails sent him on September 14, 2010 by Mitchell Yockelson of the NARA.

It’s interesting to compare this information with the claim Lowry posted last month on his single-post blog, in which he said:

Sometime in 2010 the Archives staff noticed the overwrite. They claim that they tried to reach me and that I was “evasive.” That is simply a falsehood, a fabrication. We have been at the same address for thirteen years, with the same phone number and same e-mail address for those same thirteen years. We rarely travel. We have voice mail. Neither of us would forget a query from the National Archives. The first we knew of this “discovery” was the unannounced knock on our front door.

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