Weekend Update

Civil War News has published an article in which Dr. Thomas P. Lowry claims that the results of a polygraph test demonstrate that he is telling the truth about being falsely accused by the NARA of tampering with a document signed by Abraham Lincoln.

Just thought someone might want to know, although this would seem to be old news.

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Andy Hall March 28, 2011 / 6:19 am

    My concern now is that the National Archives seems to consider this a closed matter, and not interested in providing any further explanation or detail. While I don’t much trust anything Dr. Lowry has to say at this point — much of his “defense” has been pointing out mishandling or misrepresentation of the case by the National Archives, which says nothing one way or another about whether he’s actually guilty of the alteration — it would be very unfortunate both for the institution and for Lowry to just leave this matter hanging as it is, with so many unanswered questions, charges, and counter-charges.

    What this case needs, really, is a good civil lawsuit. The related “discovery” would be most beneficial to sorting it all out in the public’s mind.

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