Sins of Omission, Sins of Commission: Virginia’s Governor Does It Again

Last April Virginia governor Robert McDonnell ignited a big fuss when he declared April “Confederate History Month” in Virginia.  Several bloggers, including yours truly, criticized the view of Civil War history contained in the proclamation.  Other critics seized upon the governor’s omission of slavery, and that became the subject of most of the commentary, including humorous remarks.

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Your Army Command: Offensive Operations

In many Civil War discussion groups, contributors chat about all sorts of things, including their favorites, what might have happened, and so on.  It’s in that spirit that I ask you ponder what you would do if presented with the following situation:

You have been tasked with organizing the command team for an army to undertake offensive operations on a mid-nineteenth century battlefield.  You must make your selections from officers who reached the rank of brigadier general or higher during the American Civil War (brevets included).  You must fill the following slots:

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