Another License Plate Dispute

Mississippi’s not the only state in the news when it comes the the efforts of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to have a state issue a vanity plate supporting the organization.  Moreover, in Florida the story’s a little different, as Republicans and Tea Party supporters are at odds.  The SCV seems to have the upper hand at the moment: could this be because Nathan Bedford Forrest never fought in Florida?

The Evacuation of Fort Sumter, 2011?

I realize that Robert Moore has shed a few tears over this, but somehow the idea that Fort Sumter might indeed be shut down … indeed, “evacuated” … on the 150th anniversary of the firing on the fort by Confederates strikes me as having its amusing aspects.

I mean, come on … 150 years after Lincoln decided to risk a confrontation by keeping the fort supplied, a president who models himself on Lincoln decides to risk a confrontation that would close it.  And the descendants (even if in name only) of the party that backed Lincoln in 1860 would be among those contributing to the shutdown as well.

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