An Interesting Question: Where Would You Deploy Black Confederate Regiments?

One of the most amusing claims offered by folks who insist that a good number of African Americans served willingly in the ranks of the Confederate military is the assertion that the Confederate army was an integrated force, in contrast to the use of black soldiers by the Union army, where they were in segregated units.  Of course, given that the officers were white in Union regiments, that would make them integrated, too, by such standards, but I won’t hold my friends who embrace the notion of thousands of black Confederate soldiers to standards of consistent logic, standards, and definitions.  Nor will I ask these folks who tell me all about Confederate heritage about what happened to this legacy of integration after the war, although you would think that as committed as they were to integration, white Confederates would make sure that commitment to their fellow black Confederates would persist after the end of the war.  Someone will have to explain why this wasn’t the case.

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