The Monday Question: The History Channel’s Gettysburg

I knew that as of Monday evening many of you would have something to talk about: the History Channel’s show on Gettysburg.

Now that it’s aired, what did you think?  I have altered alerted the publicity people for the movie that I would be asking this question, and I will forward the link to this discussion to them.  I’ll share my views Tuesday evening.

The comments section is open.

One Person’s Reflections on Memorial Day

In May I paid a visit to several Civil War battlefields in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.  Among my activities was walking through the national cemeteries at Gettysburg and Fredericksburg (there was not enough time this visit to visit the one at Antietam).  I find it a useful counterpoint to visiting other parts of the battlefield, a place where I can pause and reflect on what happened that day in history so long ago.

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