Professional Historians and the BCM: A Further Response

I thank those posters who have contributed their own thoughts on this question during the past several days.  In some cases, the conversation’s reinforced impressions I’ve had, including one that there continues to be a failure to communicate with those who seem skeptical of this whole enterprise.  I say that because several of the points raised have already been addressed before, but that doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression on the minds of the skeptics.

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Professional Historians and the Black Confederate Myth: Part Two

Professional historians differ as to how to respond when confronted with the Black Confederate Myth.  After all, they’ve already acknowledged that the Confederates made use of enslaved blacks in support of Confederate military operations, and they are willing to concede that there may have been a handful of people classified as African American who enlisted (or were conscripted) into Confederate military service as soldiers.

Beyond that, however, historians disagree as to how to address these claims.  Continue reading