Advice from Cosmic America to an Incoming Grad Student

I came across Keith Harris’s advice to a prospective grad student today, and I admit I found it interesting reading.  Before long, I may add some insights of my own, because now I’ve seen life as a professional historian from a number of perspectives, each with its own special insights.

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Research Exercise: Did Grant Say This? (part two)

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Let’s look at the quote itself first.

“Sir,” said Grant, “I have no doubt in the world that the sole object is the restoration of the Union. I will say further, though, that I am a Democrat—every man in my regiment is a Democrat—and whenever I shall be convinced that this war has for its object anything else than what I have mentioned, or that the Government designs using its soldiers to execute the purposes of the abolitionists, I pledge you my honor as a man and a soldier that I will not only resign my commission, but will carry my sword to the other side, and cast my lot with that people.”

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