A Failure to Communicate: The Case of Helga Ross

Over the last few weeks I’ve raised questions about various assertions I encounter as I tiptoe through the internet to sample historical understandings about the American Civil War.  I’ve asked for examples of historians who claim that slavery was the sole cause of the Civil War (I guess I need to remind some people that “principal” or “primary” does not mean “sole”).  I’ve wondered why some people insist on misrepresenting the claims of scholars as a prelude to their own tale of a not-so-bad slavery that did not cause the Civil War.  And I’ve offered my own brief observation:

So I see the presence of slavery as necessary but by no means sufficient in constructing an explanation of how and why secession and war came.  Moreover, the presence of slavery by itself did not cause secession and war.

I would think that would be clear to most people, but apparently Helga Ross remains confused.  What a surprise.

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Another Confederate Romantic Outburst

From the gift that keeps on giving

Yankee professors and Southerners who think like Yankees have taken over most Southern colleges and universities. Southerners who believe in the traditions that Jefferson Davis appreciated are finding themselves unemployable, denied careers in higher education by national forces that systematically discriminate against them. Only Yankees and Scalawags who truckle to the enemies of Southern history and culture get important jobs where they have the opportunity to train college teachers.

Sure.  How’s that tin foil hat working for you?