Michele Bachmann on Slavery

Republican party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann triumphed in Iowa’s straw poll this past Saturday, a result that contributed to one of her rivals dropping out of the race.  That result was not the only political news this weekend, as Texas governor Rick Perry formally entered the contest for the Republican presidential nomination.

Both of these candidates have expressed views on the historical issues covered in this blog, and so it is fair game to publicize those views.  So I direct you to an article on Bachmann’s views on American slavery.  These views are not unlike the views held by some other people that have been highlighted in this blog the past several weeks.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll hear that I should point out gaffs from other people, too, but these are not gaffs … these are considered beliefs, and they pertain to the subject matter of the blog.  If you want to talk about these views as history and historical memory/understanding, go ahead.  Extended political commentary marks both the poster and post as spam material (and I mean this for everyone, regardless of your feelings about the candidate in question).  Stick to the history (and historical memory) and not the politics and you’ll be fine.