More on Union Strategy in the East

In order to promote and continue the discussion posed in this week’s Sunday Question, let me ask which approach do you think Union forces should have taken.  Should they have …

1.  Marched overland through central Virginia, across the Rapidan/Rappahannock line, and south to Richmond?

2.  Lured the Confederates into a fight in northern Virginia, thus rendering their supply situation easier?

3.  Marched overland through central Virginia, veering west toward Charlottesville, and then approach Richmond from the northwest?

4.  Assumed the strategic defensive in Virginia, perhaps in conjunction with a more extensive use of amphibious operations along the South Atlantic coast?  Grant proposed something like this early in 1864.

5.  Followed the McClellan approach of advancing upon Richmond from the east along the James River?

6.  Followed the Grant approach (foreshadowed by having McDowell at Fredericksburg in 1862) of combining an overland approach with the James River approach?

7.  Some other approach not mentioned above?