Ed Sebesta’s Dilemma

Edward H. Sebesta is well known to many readers of this blog.  He styles himself as a researcher who combats neo-Confederate positions (although it isn’t quite clear what he means by this term: I think he’d castigate an overcast day as being neo-Confederate).  He’s written the president; he’s declared he would not accept an award for his work from the Museum of the Confederacy, and openly deplored being nominated.  He believes that the Museum of the Confederacy is a front for neo-Confederate ideals (an elusive term), although the MOC has come under attack from other corners for not being Confederate enough.  He’s the co-author of The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The “Great Truth” about the “Lost Cause“, the book he did not want recognized by the MOC.

Recently we’ve observed an interesting coincidence.  Continue reading