History is Made

We interrupt our usual programming to observe that today a Yankee made history.

Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees sets a MLB regular season record for saves as he pitches a perfect ninth inning, helping the New York Yankees defeat the Minnesota Twins, 6-4.  Rivera’s 602nd save puts him ahead of Trevor Hoffman; he also has the MLB postseason record of 42 saves, which happens to be his uniform number.  He is the last active MLB player who will wear that number, which was retired in honor of Jackie Robinson.

Ed Sebesta’s Dilemma

Edward H. Sebesta is well known to many readers of this blog.  He styles himself as a researcher who combats neo-Confederate positions (although it isn’t quite clear what he means by this term: I think he’d castigate an overcast day as being neo-Confederate).  He’s written the president; he’s declared he would not accept an award for his work from the Museum of the Confederacy, and openly deplored being nominated.  He believes that the Museum of the Confederacy is a front for neo-Confederate ideals (an elusive term), although the MOC has come under attack from other corners for not being Confederate enough.  He’s the co-author of The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The “Great Truth” about the “Lost Cause“, the book he did not want recognized by the MOC.

Recently we’ve observed an interesting coincidence.  Continue reading