New Discoveries From Ann DeWitt

Ann DeWitt, who oversees a website that claims to explore the world of black Confederate solders, has offered a new explanation as to why blacks willingly served the Confederacy:

People also forget that slaves were converted to Christianity. When you read some of the slave narratives, you will see common themes because of their Christian beliefs. Such as forgiveness, honoring  thy mother and father, and seeking rewards from heaven and not earth. Thus, many blacks forgave and went to war based on family reasons to protect their love ones to the best of their ability because in the end heaven was their greater reward and home.

To help us all out, Ms. DeWitt offers:

… the top 9 bible scriptures which may have influenced 19th Century Christian Southern slaves and freedman in serving and staying throughout the war with the Confederate States Army and Navy. I surmise that Christian values exhibited by many 19th Century Christian slaves and freedman have often been misconstrued by 20th/21st Century pundits as “happy slave” syndrome.

In her way, Ms. Dewitt’s outdone herself again … for this is right up there with her discovery of a regiment of black Confederate cooks.

By the way, Connie Chastain can’t say she overlooked this one.¬† Her comment in reply to the first observation?

Royal, like so many on this thread, you bring up an excellent point.

The delusions continue.