Emancipation as a Licence to Steal and Kill?

From the gift that keeps on giving

Did you know that …

The Emancipation also gave carte blanche for any murders that slaves committed when they left their homes in their new freedom. In other words, Lincoln told the slaves of the South that any and all atrocities that they might commit in wresting the “freedom” that he had given them would not be prosecuted by the United States Government.

And that’s not all … according to Ann DeWitt …

Lincoln’s approval for slaves to destroy property, etc. was an end of war learned behavior; and many today choose to ignore the present day impact. …and guess who started it all and became the “Great Emancipator…” …emancipated from the cradle to prison.

It’s all Abe’s fault (although Ms. DeWitt also blames Grant).

I’m not sure how to reconcile Ann DeWitt’s claim with her claims about religion, African Americans, and their support of the Confederacy.  First she tells us about how the enslaved were willing to forgive … then she tells us that blacks went out stealing and murdering.  Such is the logic displayed by the discoverer of the regiment of black cooks.