The Strawman as Other

The exchanges in the comments section during the last several weeks have reminded me that one of the characteristics of such arguments is that certain people construct strawmen in order to establish something to attack.  Ironically, the people who do this often are quite intent on saying that whatever they are defending has been subjected to the same sort of distortion and stereotyping.  Thus we hear of “anti-Southern”/”anti-Confederate” bloggers who supposedly are out to “evilize” the South as part of a “politically-correct” crusade.

Bunk.  The same goes for people who claim that these bloggers “hate” their critics.  Hate?  Really?

In such cases the line between amusement and boredom is rather quickly crossed.

One wonders what ends such irrational and extremist rhetoric is intended to serve.  One also wonders whether such language is deliberate distortion or sincerely-felt responses that tell us much more about the person making the claims and charges than about the people and arguments being characterized.

On the other hand, as we can see here, some commenters have made the big time with their rants.  Way to go, Connie!