Bad News for Civil War Coin Collectors

According to this article, production of the presidential dollar coin series for regular circulation will cease with the James A. Garfield coin.  That means that several Civil War veterans who became president, namely Benjamin Harrison and William McKinley, as well as general-by-appointment and president-by-assassination Chester A. Arthur and substitute-employer Grover Cleveland, will find themselves relegated to collectors-only production.

I told you to get your coins while they were hot.

No word yet on whether the SCV will sue the federal government for its failure to produce a Jefferson Davis coin.

One thought on “Bad News for Civil War Coin Collectors

  1. Bob Huddleston December 15, 2011 / 10:02 am

    Heck, they ought to do a Jeff Davis. After all he was an “American” president! Since part of the problem is that no one is picking them up, a Rebel president coin might well be purchased and stored among all the Confederate currency!

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