More from The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Members of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group claim that they are always on the alert against both racists and bigots and people who they believe link the SHPG to racism and bigotry.  As member Carl W. Roden says, “You should know that there is a zero-tolerance policy towards racists on this page.”  You can see that here:

So it came as some surprise to me when I came across the following exchange at SHPG:

“My friend,” eh, Mr. Roden?  Well, let’s recall what Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has written recently on his blog.  There’s this

The War Between the States must be remembered as a war that was also lost by the average Northern White man who has been morally and politically disarmed by egalitarian anti-racist fanatics and now lies prostrate before the Black Undertow in Northern cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

… and this

As the formerly prosperous plantations and cities fall into ruin and neglect and are overwhelmed by the darkness of African ignorance and tropical vegetation, the Yankee is left standing over the ruins of civilization, beating his chest with pious lectures about “progress” and the wickedness of “racism,” as reality stands as an irrefutable monument to the genius of segregation and the folly of universal equality.

… and more such throughout his blog.

Now, mind you, Mr. Roden has declared that he has a “zero-tolerance” policy toward racism.  Note also that he enjoys a lot of support from his colleagues in the SHPG, where he’s an officer.  So I guess this sort of thinking is acceptable with the SHPG, and that its members don’t recognize as racist what Mr. Wallace, Mr. Roden’s “friend,” says.

Indeed, we know that other people at SHPG have recently expressed unhappiness with the impact of desegregation.  Then again, apparently no one at the SHPG finds John C. Hall, Jr.’s obsession with ethnicity and his “seed” unacceptable, either.

I’ll let you decide what this all says about the SHPG’s stance toward racism and bigotry.