Brooks D. Simpson, Northern Liberal

… or so say the folks at Occidental Dissent, who have become quite fond of me in recent weeks and who see me as badly flawed.  Why?*

Well, let’s first see what they believe in …

Black people + Civilization + Freedom and Equality = Social Collapse (January 9, 2012)

There you go.

They also decry what they term the “Black Undertow” in a series of posts documenting crime … posts gathered from places like Stormfront, another white supremacist site [1/9/12].

And they like to draw from history, including this comment:

In hindsight, “Let Freedom Ring” was a terrible idea: as John C. Calhoun famously said, it is worse than a crime to extend “liberty” to an inferior race which lacks the capacity to maintain civilization. [1/6/12]

So, what’s wrong with me?

Thanks to Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson who demonized the South (we continue to stress these issues are connected), the American Dream has become MLK’s Dream. [1/9/12]

Funny, Connie Chastain also says I demonize (or, in her words, “evilize”) the South.  Interesting what else she has in common with these folks.  We’ll return to that later.

Here’s a toast to Brooks D. Simpson and his fellow morally superior Yankees in the blogosphere who keep showing us morally tainted “white supremacists” in Dixie how civilization works up there in the “Free States.” [1/8/12]

Whatever you say.

… civilization in North Carolina is under assault because Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson are still taken seriously. [1/7/12]

Well, I went to the University of Virginia, so maybe that’s understandable.  Then again, I have published with the University of North Carolina Press.  How subversive.

White people in the Pacific Northwest probably grow up believing the bullshit about race and segregation they are taught in public schools by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson. [1/6/12]

Never underestimate my influence.

No, it is the Black Undertow in the “Free States” on New Year’s Eve, “letting freedom ring” with Brooks D. Simpson in the 149th year of “free society” in the State of Michigan. [1/6/12]

Michigan was always a free state.  It was not covered by the Emancipation Proclamation.  The job of an educator never ends.

Those “floodgates of hell” have been thrown open by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson and “the blood of the raped and outraged daughters of Dixie” … are on their delicate little hands. [1/6/12]

This came in a post that celebrated Mississippi Senator Theodore Biblo’s opposition to federal anti-lynching legislation in 1938.  Apparently the rape of black women by whites under slavery and the murder of black men is okay to these folks.

In BRA, the deification of African-Americans and other “people of color” like Hispanic-Americans by Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson is a far more sought after public good than truth, justice, or public safety in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Whatever.  Some people need to believe what they want to believe.  Why they need to believe it is another question.

This is what civilization in Philadelphia has become thanks to White and Jewish liberals like Andy Hall, Kevin Levin, James Epperson, Rob Baker, Corey Meyer and Brooks D. Simpson: Northern Whites abandoning their city to the Black Undertow, their freedom taken away by federal and state civil rights legislation, while the black criminals move into the vacuum and run wild, and corrupt African-American politicians like Marian Tasco feast upon the economic remains of civilization. [12/31/11]

I couldn’t do it alone.

The Africanization of the Congo (or Haiti or Zimbabwe or Clayton County or Detroit) is what happens when liberals like Brooks D. Simpson and James Epperson get their way. Civilization inexorably plunges into decline. [12/30/11]

I thought the Congo was in Africa.  Silly me.  But I do like the notion that when people like me get their way, civilization “inexorably plunges into decline.”

Oh, and don’t say that the people at the gift that keeps on giving aren’t aware of the views of Hunter Wallace, who’s the author of the posts quoted above.  Why, he posted there for a time a few weeks ago; John C. Hall has openly declared he likes Mr. Wallace’s “style.”  So much for the SHPG’s “zero tolerance” of racists and racism.  Mr. Wallace also likes the League of the South nowadays … the organization headed by Dr. Michael Hill, that “very, *very* good acquaintance” of Ms. Chastain.  And our friends at the Southern Nationalist Network, the same folks who endorsed “flagging” the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, think Mr. Wallace is another voice worth listening to.  Interesting connections all.

Yup, I believe in equality before the law; I reject racism and white supremacy; I believe in the principles that make the United States what it should be; and I believe that the promise of America should be available to all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, region, and economic status.  I don’t happen to think that any of that is exceptional.  Maybe I’m wrong.

Perhaps the best way to know me is to judge me by my enemies.

* Normally, I post links, but, except for a few cases, I see no reason to direct people to this site and expose them to the full extent of their racist rantings.  In several cases I’ve provided dates to document their comments.