3 thoughts on “Ron Maxwell’s Civil War

    • John Foskett January 28, 2012 / 9:30 am

      Amen to your assessment of that cinematic insult to history. Until I wasted a few dollars and a couple of hours on that desecration, I was unaware that Stonewall and his Chief of Staff Jim were defending the rights of southern blacks against the depredations of Lincoln’s enslaving invaders. Maxwell clearly has swallowed.somebody’s fantasized version of the Civil War. It overshadowed other curiosities in the G&G embarassment, including that nitwit Ted Turner dressed up in a Confederate costume, the mysterious weight loss program Joshua Chamberlain went on between Fredericksburg and Gettysburg, and all of those Yankee tents Stonewall’s boys had to navigate during their flank attack at Chancellorsville. I hope the local governments are charging Maxwell exhorbitant interest on the debt to account for damaging their reputation by being the location of that fiasco.

  1. Andy Hall January 29, 2012 / 11:46 am

    “Shall we do as the forty professors who signed the letter to our president asked him to do? Shall we heap scorn upon these monuments, and censor those who will not? Should we do as their intellectual kin in Afghanistan did? Shall we, like the Taliban, destroy our statues with dynamite because they offend a prevailing dogma? Shall we disinter these bones of our ancestors, like the radical Jacobins of the French Revolution did, scattering their unearthed remains to the winds, first to be reviled, and then to be forgotten?”

    What turgid foolishness. This is only slightly more articulate than the person who claimed she’d called up the mayor of Lexington — in the evening, at home — and harangued the poor woman for 40 minutes about how, if the proposed flag ordinance passed, it was only a matter of time before Jackson and Lee would be disinterred and tossed aside like so much rubbish, which was supposedly the true agenda of the ordinance.

    Slippery slope, people, slippery slope. 😉

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