Happy Presidents’ Day!

Of course, after you learn about this, perhaps you’ll agree with this suggestion.

I’m waiting for someone to declare that since this is Presidents’ Day, and we celebrate American presidents, that we need to celebrate Jefferson Davis because, after all, he was an American president, too.


7 thoughts on “Happy Presidents’ Day!

  1. Jeffry Burden February 20, 2012 / 12:05 pm

    Actually, under Title 5 of the U.S. Code, today is officially the “Washington’s Birthday” holiday. Problem solved!

    • Brooks D. Simpson February 20, 2012 / 12:16 pm

      You underestimate the resourcefulness of a few people … who may point out that Washington is on the Seal of the Confederacy, thus …

      • Jeffry Burden February 20, 2012 / 12:53 pm

        Ah, that logic is inescapable. 🙂

        • John Foskett February 20, 2012 / 3:04 pm

          Of course, the CSA was as deliberately blind to what Washington actually thought as today’s Lost Causers are when it comes to the words of the Secession Commissioners in 1860-61. To quote GW from a 1783 letter:

          “It now rests with [Congress]…to make this country great, happy, and respectable; or to sink it into littleness; worse perhaps, into anarchy and confusion; for certain I am, that unless adequate powers are given to Congress for the general purposes of the Federal Union that we shall soon moulder into dust and become contemptible….We are known by no other character among nations than as the United States; Massachusetts or Virginia is no better defined, nor any more thought of by foreign powers than the County of Worcester in Massachusetts…or Glouster County in Virginia…yet these counties, with as much propriety might oppose themselves to the laws of the state in [which] they are, as an individual state can oppose itself to the Federal Government, by which it is, or ought to be bound. [When counties] come in contact with the general interests of the state, when superior considerations preponderate in favor of the whole, their voices should be heard no more; so it should be with individual states when compared to the Union….I think the blood and treasure which has been spent [in building the nation] has been lavished to little purpose, unless we can be better cemented; and that is not to be effected while so little attention is paid to the recommendations of the sovereign power”.[from Vodrey, October 2004 issue of American History].

          He said much more after that which was also directly at odds with the foundational principles of the CSA. They might as well have put Lincoln on the Seal.

  2. Roger E Watson February 20, 2012 / 2:53 pm

    …let’s put a tribunal of high priestesses in charge of the country for two or three years…”

    Dressed in white sheets, with burning crosses, human sacrifices……..? Ahhhhh, maybe not ! 😉

  3. Bill Newcomer February 20, 2012 / 6:57 pm

    Did Jefferson Davis ever reaffirm an oath of allegiance to the United States after the war? Just curious..

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