Should the Museum of the Confederacy’s Appomattox Museum Fly a Confederate Flag?

Word comes that when the Museum of the Confederacy opens its Appomattox branch museum at month’s end, it will not fly a Confederate flag outside the museum … although apparently there will be plenty of Confederate banners inside the facility.  There’s an online petition to protest this decision, and, as one might suspect, there are howls of protest from certain quarters.

Above is a long view of the planned structure.  Below is a view of the entry, with its flagpoles flying state flags and the United States national colors.

I can see a case for flying a Confederate flag outside the building (not, I should add, the Confederate battle flag, but the Third National flag opposite the US national colors for 1865).  That would be an accurate historical rendering.  However, I have no strong feelings either way.  Rather, I’m interested in visiting the museum this coming summer.

What do you think?