Museums, History, Politics, and “Heritage”

You would think from all we’ve heard about the impending opening of the Museum of the Confederacy’s new branch at Appomattox that it consisted solely of fifteen flag poles on a plaza, with none of them flying a Confederate flag.  That the new museum will display many Confederate flags as well as a display about the flag’s history seems to have gone unnoticed by critics who claim the museum doesn’t honor Confederate heritage … although the purpose of this museum (as with other museums) is to share an understanding of Confederate history with a broad audience.

Nor has all of the criticism come from certain Confederate heritage advocates (I await the first “Flagging” of the facility by the usual suspects).  In an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch brought to my attention by Kevin Levin, King Salim Khalfani, executive director of the Virginia State Conference NAACP, declared that he had no plans to visit the museum, but that didn’t prevent him from passing judgment on it: “These people are still fighting the Civil War. They’re just not honest about the history and the story.”

Oh goodness.  That second sentence sounds just like a Virginia Flagger.  And the whole quote sounds like Ed Sebesta. Continue reading