News and Notes: March 22, 2012

Reading Andy Hall’s Dead Confederates a few days ago, I saw that he had decided to gather several minor news stories into a single blog post, saying that while they were worthy of notice, they weren’t worthy of a blog post dedicated to each story.  This seems like a good idea: some things are worth noting without devoting too much attention to them (or calling too much attention to them).  It just so happens that I’ve seen several of these stories (in this case all blogosphere-related) over the last day or so, and so here goes with another experiment:

  1. I awoke to reports that Gary Gallagher had offered in print his views on blogging in Civil War Times, and, as one might have anticipated, two bloggers (Kevin Levin and Harry Smeltzer) have already devoted some attention to what Gary has to say.  Having not read the article, I won’t comment, but I know that several academic historians have an aversion to blogging and question those who do it … especially if the blogger’s a fellow academic historian.  Shrug.  To each his (or her) own.
  2. You knew it was coming: the Virginia Flaggers plan to show up at the opening of the Museum of the Confederacy’s Appomattox facility.  Another model use of Facebook.
  3. Speaking of Facebook, Connie and company are chirping today about whether the “infiltration” of women and the integration of the military to include non-white males have weakened the armed forces of the United States … although not all of them want to remain United States citizens.  For that to happen, however, they must discuss what needs to be done to revive/restore “southern pride.”  Sounds like they are designing a RPG (role-playing game).  I suggest a reality show instead.  Reading Connie Chastain’s Facebook group is like reading The Onion.

I can’t wait for the weekend.  Bravo to my nine-year-old daughter, who today decided she wanted to test the chilly waters of our pool.  She’s wide awake now.