News and Notes: March 24, 2012

Here and there we find small matters of interest, such as …

  1. Dimitri Rotov rouses himself from a long slumber to comment on Gary Gallagher’s ruminations about blogging.
  2. Mannie Gentile offers his own take on the Gallagher commentary.  It’s concise.
  3. More on the MOC and the Virginia Flaggers.  The grand opening’s a week away.  This should make for good heritage theater (that’s what I think we should call such “confrontations”).
  4. This report puts the Flagger protest in context of the opening of the MOC’s Appomattox museum.  However, one could take issue with Waite Rawls’s declaration that “Appomattox is the very metaphor for the end of the Civil War and the reunification of the nation.”  Not without a display of the Colfax massacre and the road to U.S. v. Cruikshank (1876), I’d say.  The anniversary of that decision is March 29, by the way.

Enjoy your weekend.

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