News and Notes, March 25, 2012

  1. Apparently last month another Confederate statue fell victim to vandalism.  At least it’s not simply an offense to good taste.
  2. These reports about the Museum of the Confederacy and the flag controversy are becoming boring.  Someday they’ll be selling pictures of Susan Hathaway and Waite Rawls shaking hands in Wilmer McLean’s parlor … and Susan will get to keep her flag.
  3. Connie Chastain wishes to remind us of how her mind works: ” … all the heroes in my novels are Southern white men, and all the heroines are Southern white women. But then, a couple of the villains are Southern white men. However, MOST of the villains are yankee wimmin.”  Apparently segregation (or outright exclusion) reigns supreme in her fictional world, too.  No news of when Hunter Wallace will appear in one of her “books,” since she asserts that he’s a fictional construct, too.  Probably a pen name.
  4. Lost in the flag flurry with the MOC is another story about what the MOC will display.
  5. Here’s a report from Charlottesville which places the newest statue flap in context.

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