Blog Housekeeping

Just a note that I’ve decided to copyright the contents of the blog (you can see this statement on the right margin).  This should frustrate one frequent distorter who loves to cut and paste from here because she lacks the ability to write much of any worth on her own.  🙂

I’m just trying to encourage original work.

Just call it a way to remember the fall of Richmond, 147 years ago.

UPDATE:  As expected, Connie Chastain immediately protested against the display of her face here (for someone who claims she doesn’t read my blog, she shows up here several times a day).  I can’t blame her, because her picture looked like a mug shot.  Of course, there were other people who didn’t want to show their face while proclaiming themselves defenders of Christianity and southern heritage.  But I have decided to honor her request, and in return she should reciprocate.