Flagging the Lincoln Memorial

I don’t know whether this is more sad or funny … especially the part about cramming a flag in one’s pocket.  Way to respect the colors.

I’m sure that with acts like these that Confederate heritage is on the way … out.  Enjoy the 151st anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter.

News and Notes: April 11, 2012

A look around and about …

  1. Someone thinks that we should celebrate John Wilkes Booth as a Confederate hero who did the right thing.
  2. Someone can’t get anything right.  This blog was never named “Civil War Crossroads”; the address (cwcrossroads.wordpress.com) reflects the fact that “crossroads” as an address was already taken.  She also got my job title wrong: her stalking me on the web led her to a rendering on an ASU website that is in serious error (these documents date from 2011).  My correct title can be found elsewhere.  Then again, this person confesses she doesn’t know her history, anyway, so why should this be different?  But, so long as she spends her time ranting away, she’s not exactly serving the cause of “Confederate heritage,” now, is she?  And perhaps that’s my secret plan after all.  Now I have to ask my friends in Washington to start visiting her blog again.  Shhh.
  3. Someone can’t get anyone to read her books.  How to remedy that?  Why, by plastering the Confederate Battle Flag on the cover, thus commercializing that banner yet again!  Goodness, she is just like Ed Sebesta!
  4. And speaking of commercializing the Confederacy … here’s another proposal to cash in on it.  I’m sure this will go over well all over the country.
  5. Someone’s frustrated. “We can’t save our heritage posting our opinions on Facebook.”  But don’t let that stop you.