News and Notes: April 24, 2012

Well, let’s see what we have here …

  • Guess who has a new Facebook Group?  You knew she wouldn’t be away for long.
  • Someone still hears the sounds of battle as she transforms total casualties into a count of battle dead:  “When the Battle of Resaca takes place, I can hear the cannons and guns at my house.”  I thought the battle took place back in 1864.  Apparently it’s a recurring feature, much like “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • And congratulations to the Phoenix Coyotes, who finally won a playoff series.  Next round we’ll have some great hockey between Nashville and Phoenix, both known as hockey hotbeds.  Meanwhile, should the Ottawa Senators fail again to close out the New York Rangers in the first hockey game seven played at Madison Square Garden since the night of June 14, 1994 … and I’m sure you know what happened that night … once more there will be no Canadian team eligible to win the Stanley Cup.  Since them several teams located in the former Confederacy have won the Stanley Cup (Dallas, Tampa Bay, Carolina), for those looking for a Civil War hook.