Another Confederate Prom Dress Story …. Zzzzzz

It’s spring, and all over the nation high school students are going to proms.  As someone who has shelled out a nice chunk of change for prom dresses for my daughters, I understand the rituals all too well.

I also understand another ritual: the controversial prom dress that is supposed to make a statement.  And so here we have another Confederate battleflag prom dress controversy (the idea isn’t even original any more).

Given that the school administration reportedly had no qualms about other displays of the CBF on students’ attire, this does seem to be something of a manufactured crisis on both sides (it is not as if there was no prior discussion of the issue).

Cue indignant protests from the usual sources.

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24 thoughts on “Another Confederate Prom Dress Story …. Zzzzzz

    • You would think some people who want folks to respect the Confederate flag would think so, but I don’t see anyone crying “heritage violation” against the young lady. Same would go for the US flag.

  1. I’m surprised the dress got her thrown out. Did you see the flip flips she was wearing with that sequined dress? OH. MY. GAWD. To the prom in a sequined dress and flip flops….call the fasion police, y’all….

    • Nice to see another old friend commenting. I agree the flip flops were an egregious fashion faux pas, but the dress itself seemed to me to be of a cut that was not made for a prom, leaving aside the CBF motif. The whole reason for the dress appears to have been to make a controversy, and the principal obliged.

      By the way, Brooks, speaking of shelling out a nice chunk of change, just wait until your daughters get married. I hope you’ve already started saving. I can recommend a good venue in a Civil War-related town. :)

      • No doubt it was to make a controversy, but I’m not sure the principal should have obliged. Note the “zzzzz” in the subject head. We get into freedom of speech issues, too, as well as my old mainstay (which is: some things really need warning labels, and that girl wore a big one). As an African-American dress designer told me the other day, at least everything was covered. :-) She’s had girls ask her to design prom dresses that were, shall we say, less than they should have been.

        This little kerfluffle is the sort of thing that merely makes you roll your eyes and go on about your business. The shoes were the icing on the crapcake.

  2. By the way, professor, I congratulate you on achieving the impossible, something I never thought I’d live to see (someone shutting Connie up). Bravo!

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