News and Notes: April 29, 2012

Hi.  I’m Brooks Simpson, and you’re not.

  • From the fellow who says that he likes to joust with professors so that the crowd learns something … here’s what he has to say about the 1863 New York City draft riots: “Not to mention that the 2nd bloodiest battle of the war took place in New York City! Our friend, John Chodes, a native New Yorker, now a proud South Carolinan, wrote an excellent paper on it. The Yankees called it the “Draft Riots” when it was actually the new York State Militia the veteran Union troops, frsh from Gettysburg, were fighting. I’ll try to find it and post it.”  We can’t wait … especially the part that will describe what a fellow traveler tells us is true: “That’s right, New York was on the verge of declaring neutrality and ordering all New York troops home.  The United States navy shelled New York City during the fighting.”  I think we’ve found two of our three stooges.
  • Speaking of heritage … for all you folks who hail from planters, here’s an organization just for you.  However, this can get tricky, since some of the enslaved workforce had planter parents, so the meetings may be a little more diverse than originally anticipated.  Members of the Hemings family, step forward! H/T to Kevin Levin.
  • Not everyone in Tennessee forgets David G. Farragut.  Hey, I even recall Farragut High School from my days in Knoxville.
  • Want to know more about Ferdinand Ward, the fellow who swindled the Grant family and others?  Here you go.
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13 thoughts on “News and Notes: April 29, 2012

  1. Well, the Draft Riots would have been far bloodier if Lincoln hadn’t sent Leonardo DiCaprio to settle things down. There’s no cure for stupid.

  2. I believe that two of my first cousins graduated from Farragut High School. We just found out within the last couple of years that our great-great-great grandfather, as a member of the 17th Michigan Volunteer Infantry took part in the defense of the city when it was besieged.

    • If the South went to war over the mistaken idea that states rights trumped federal rule, the American education system fail a long time ago.

  3. FWIW, the antebellum planter thingy is for north and south, and while I’m sure African Americans (or any Americans for that matter) won’t be clamoring for membership, the charter makes it sound like their primary goal is accuracy with regard to history (not heritage). The organization has officers, board members, and advisors from Kansas, Illinois, and Ohio.

    • . . . the charter makes it sound like their primary goal is accuracy with regard to history (not heritage).

      Well, um, yeah, but the SCV insists they’re all about telling fundamental historical truths, too.

      As always, the devil’s in the details. ;-)

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